Short run publishing is provided for any writer wishing to produce a set number of books per title of their work.
For instance if a book was once published and went out of print but the author wishes to reanimate the title,
Saga Books will work with the author to get the work presented ready for print add a new ISBN, new cover,
whatever is needed in order to get the title available in print. Then under the imprint of Saga Books the title will be
put into print per the number of books required by the author. The number of books will be a minimum of 25.
The costing of this will not be in the Vanity Press thousands of dollars, but enough to cover the costs and labour of
Saga Books and affiliates. If any editing is requested we will work with our sister company 'Authorship INC.'
to provide the requirements of the author. Please note only by request will we offer suggestions re: editing
of the work, this will be without charge. The author retains all rights to the work and if confident in the current
editing Saga Books will not promote changes but will endeavor to reproduce the title as is and format for print
and/or eBook as per the author's desires. A minimum order of 25 books per title is required .

Charges will be per page cost with set price for cover all prices in USD.  See example below:
These charges will include:

  1. New ISBN's for print and eBook
  2. Book setup for print and eBook
  3. Cover setup for print and eBook
  4. Catalogue Inclusion for print.
  5. Website Inclusion for print and eBook (Saga Books)


 This is an example only varying sizes and order quantities will alter costs.

Books size:  6x9 or 5.5x8.5 per 200 page book @ .025 per page + unit cost 0.50 = $5.50 for interior.

Cover, to size and set : unit cost $100.00 USD.  +  handling charge $2.00 USD

Total setup costs for 200 page book: $107.50

25 book order @ $5.50 per book = $137.50 + cost of setup  $107.50 = $245.00 USD